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Dear Author,

This Publishing Guide Book will enable you to begin your publishing journey. WF Publishers invites you to join other WF Publishers authors so that you can realise your dreams.

WF Publishers will accept your book upon submission, send you a checklist for submission and discuss royalty rates. We will then request cover design. Editing and proof reading is at the author's request. We will then publish your book, get it printed and distributed to key stakeholders according to your requirements.

A sales and marketing plan will subsequently be discussed in detail with you.
As a WF Publisher author, you will retain the right to your book and exercise control over design and production decisions. You will also determine how many copies of your book are printed.

All the best in your publishing venture!

King regards,

Fanele Moyo
Publishing Adviser

Unveling Your Voice in Print

By choosing WF Publishers, you will be awarded with the highest quality publication at an affordable price. Self-publishing has become one of the fastest growing segments of the publishing industry mainly because of the following:

  • Control - Your test belongs to you and you alone. You have complete control over your book, its design, publication and all decisions to do with it.
  • Ownership - You will retain full ownership and copyright. This means that you can sell your work anywhere and at any time.
  • WF Publishers uses print-on-demand, meaning you have an option of printing as many copies as you want bearing in mind the minimum order quantity.
  • Publishing time - Your book will be ready in 3 to 5 moths from the time of publishing.

The following ​are the steps you can take in your publishing venture:
  1. Get in touch with a Publishing Adviser via the WF Publishers' website or telephonically.
  2. The adviser will assess your publishing needs and advise you in the process of publishing your book.
  3. Submit your manuscript.
  4. Enter into a legal contract with WF Publishers.
  5. Arrange editing, proof reading - if you need it.
  6. Cover design.
  7. Commissioning of book: copyright protection.
  8. Send you a draft copy for your final approval.
  9. Printing.
  10. Selling and Marketing your book.
  11. Quarterly royalty payments.



WF Publishers offers a professional prro-reading and editing service which includes checking the following:
a. spelling
b. grammar
c. syntax
d. punctuation
e. ensure the text is fluent, readable and clear without changing the tone of your writing.


Option 1: This popular Black and White Paperback service provides you all tht you need to trun your manuscript into a high-quality paperback. This will include an ISBN (International Standard Number), design of full colour cover, interior text layout, copyright protection and registration with Bibliographic Libraries and EAN barcode to enable you to sell through reatil outlets.
Option 2: Kindle Distribution as as e-book.
Option 3: This is a Colour Paperback Service including all that Option 1 offers.
Option 4: This option offers you a Black and White Hardback Service including all that Option 1 offers.


Option 1: This will include designing a specific author we page design, advertising you book on the internet, design banner ads, advertising on social media, book-marking and links, getting links to your website.
Option 2: This will include Marketing, including quality book marks, business cards and promotion.
Option 3: Public Relations including writing a press release distributed to media outlets trhoughout the UK.
Option 4: Advertising in the Guardian Newspaper and Writer's Forum Magazine.
Option 5: All of the above Options (Option 1 to 4).

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