Empowering Ideas, Concepts and Insights

What I do?

My single purpose for this blog is to empower you through powerful, life changing concepts and ideas. Man is soul, body and spirit. Each of these need feeding for growth , maturity and fulfillment. Therefore, we will share ideas on family, relationships, wealth creation, career and health.

How I do it?
  • through sharing websites and blogs that I believe can change your life.
  • Studying the wealth of successful people and seeing how they amassed their wealth
  • ​Sharing real life examples
  • through Life and Business Coaching

  • You will find your life's work.
  • You will be empowered to network with very influential people
  • You will be able to create multiple streams of income.
  • You will overcome personal limitations
  • ​Develop insights and action to achieve your goals


Find your life's work
Purpose is to life what water is to plants. It is the key to a pulsating life of significance and fulfillment.

This e-work book will empower you. It is easy to read and very practical. The benefits are immense. You will have
  • a good understanding of who you are.
  • the options of what you can do with your life in line with your gifts
  • a new lease, a new motivation to pursue what you already have
My name is Fanele Moyo. I am a happily married father of six dynamic children.
I am living life intentionally. I am an entrepreneur, writer, keynote speaker, business coach and PMVA trainer.

I have written two books (Purpose: The ultimate driving force of your life and Kids on the edge: the adventures of Callum and Casper)
I wrote Purpose after having found my purpose and decided to share my experiences and walk in life.
The second book was really about my childhood. Its hilarious!!!!
I have been a biographer to my
Dad's book: Surfing the heart of Nathan Mathibini Moyo, a biography of an unsung hero.
I am a key note speaker and the topics that I specialise in are:
·         The secret power of brands
·         Effective Networking
·         Customer profiling for success
·         Building cultural intelligence for leadership
·         Excelling through market segmentation
·         An introduction to Process thinking
·         Effective Communication.

I have over 20 years in developing and running my own businesses in the retail and service sectors. I have been a business coach/ consultant to several small business owners in areas of marketing and leadership skills.
​Discover a rewarding life that transcends limitations. Without water, plants eventually die. Without purpose your life slowly grinds to a halt. The work you were created to do is found in you. A failure to function in that work causes despair, stress and a lack of drive.
Martin Luther once said, The human is created to work as the bird is created to fly.
Thomas Carlyle also wrote: There is a perennial nobleness and even sacredness in work.